Presentation techniques

Reach your audience
like no other

Reach your audience like no other

Presentation techniques

"It is not whether you really cry. It's whether the audience thinks you are crying."
(Ingrid Bergman)

Most presentations are dull, if not gruelling: from the safety of a lectern in a dimly lit auditorium, speakers do their outmost to distract the audience by firing off as many PowerPoint slides as possible in a bid to drown them in information. During commercial presentations customers often wait until this 'necessary evil' is out of the way so they can get down to real business. Informative presentations rarely make much of an impression. Most speeches are so mind-numbing that the audience nods off before the end.

The comprehensive guide to speaking in public

Yet giving a good presentation need not be hard. The ability to give outstanding presentations is not a mysterious gift shared by a select few. Far from it: good presentation skills are all about the right approach. And finding the right approach is often the root of the problem.

The practical, academically-underpinned training course offered by the Ardens Group results in its participants no longer having to hide behind a slew of tools and gadgets. At the end of the course, participants will be able to connect with and enthuse their audiences; their message will have considerably greater impact than if they had used standard methods.

If you have an inquiry about the Presentation techniques training course or one of our other training courses, please contact us to receive our catalogue or to make a non-committal appointment with our trainers.


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