Negotiation techniques

Make friends and
get what you want

Make friends and get what you want

Negotiation techniques

"In business, you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate."
(Chester L. Karrass)

Negotiations are a fact of life. People negotiate every day, both consciously and unconsciously, to achieve the best outcome for them. Unfortunately, negotiations often lead to dissatisfaction or frustration. To ensure good cooperation in the future, both parties should be satisfied with the results of the negotiation. In other words, we need to create a win-win situation where, of course, each side feels that they have gained more.

The ‘Negotiation Techniques' course trains participants to negotiate strategically and effectively. Negotiation situations expected to crop up in the working environment in the future are taken as starting point. We based the theoretical component of the course on the ‘Harvard School of Negotiations' method, which is renowned for its effectiveness and efficiency. This method is combined with the use of verbal and nonverbal interview techniques to achieve the best possible negotiation result.

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