Good advice
takes you further

Good advice takes you further


ArdensComm offers a range of management services which have more than proven their success in the past. The ArdensComm professionals are backed up with profound and proficient knowledge and international experience of organisation development and business processes coupled with insight into and a solid grasp of group processes and human behaviour.

The following services are offered:

  • Managing change processes
    However justifiable from a managerial point of view, change processes often fail because the people putting the changes into practice do not fully support or understand the process. ArdensComm  is expert in preventing such situations.
  • Conflict Mediation
    Independent professional arbitration considerably speeds up conflict resolution processes and prevents frustration and situations from escalating. ArdensComm is proficient in finding structural resolutions for situations that have seriously got out of hand.
  • Workshop, congress and meeting facilities
    Professional and inspiring leadership is an important factor that contributes to a successful event. ArdensComm has an excellent track record in facilitating events, both for the profit and not-for-profit sector.
  • Day chairmanship during special meetings
    Due to their highly systematic approach, Ardens Group advisers have proven to be capable of making a success of the most complex meetings.
  • Advice and support during complex negotiations
    The ArdensComm consultants provide advice and support throughout the negotiation process: from preparation to closure. A sound grasp of the negotiation process provides high yields without sacrificing a good relationship.
  • Advice on internal and external communication issues
    Insight into people and knowledge of business environment psychology are key factors in providing effective communication advice. The ArdensComm consultants have an unparalleled reputation in this field.
  • Advice and support on drawing up education plans
    The long-term expertise of the ArdensComm trainers/consultants assists companies in creating a targeted and effective education plan for their employees.

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