It's good to have
someone in your corner

It's good to have someone in your corner

In some cases, a situation is so specific or confidential that group training is undesirable. In this case, Personal Coaching can be a very effective way of speedily achieving high-calibre results.

A Personal Coach is often called in at top management level, for example as a sparring partner in complex decision-making processes or for self-reflection. Personal Coaching is not restricted to top management, though. Personal Coaching can also play a very effective role in improving employees' potential and growth prospects and preventing performance and personal hiccups.

Our provocative yet consistently constructive approach enables people, in a short period of time, to increase their personal effectiveness through new insights and lasting behavioural changes.

We naturally keep the Personal Coaching as short as possible. In discussion with you, one of our advisers will set out coaching targets beforehand. The No Cure, No Pay principle applies to this service as it does to group training.

If you have an inquiry about Personal CoachingPthe, please contact us to receive our catalogue or to make a non-committal appointment with one of our coaches.


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