Boost your mind

Boost your mind


The trainers and advisers of Ardens are also the authors of the ´Communication & Management' series.

The following parts of the series are available:

A comprehensive introduction to Communication

'A comprehensive introduction to Communication'

As soon as people learn to speak, they think they can communicate. This, unfortunately, is not the case. A lot of time and money is lost because highly trained professionals lack basic communication skills.

This book demonstrates that everybody can learn to communicate in a professional manner. No special talent is required. All you need is insight into the communication process. You can only recognize and avoid mistakes if you know what can go wrong and the reasons why. A proper understanding of the underlying causes of various forms of miscommunication is crucial. The first part of this book is therefore devoted to an analysis of the communication process. The second part then goes into various techniques that can help you enhance your communicative skills and avoid the most common forms of miscommunication.

In making you a better communicator, this book gives you more control over your personal and professional life. Rather than being forced to be someone you're not, you're empowered to make your own choices.

Table of contents

Number of pages: 168
ISBN: 978-90-78590-01-9
Price: €28,95 (tax included)

  • Chapter 1: Why this book is pointless
  • Chapter 2: Basic Terminology
  • Chapter 3: Body Language
  • Chapter 4: The Complexity of the Message
  • Chapter 5: Feedback
  • Chapter 6: Active Listening
  • Chapter 7: Evaluative Feedback
  • Chapter 8: Leary's Rose
  • Chapter 9: Meeting techniques in practice

The comprehensive guide to speaking in public

'The comprehensive guide to speaking in public'

Sadly, most presentations are simply a waste of time: hidden behind a lectern in a darkened room the speaker seeks to impress and awe the audience with a rapid succession of PowerPoint slides and an endless barrage of information. At commercial presentations customers eagerly await the end of the 'obligatory routine' to get on with the business side of things. Informative presentations usually go in one ear and out the other, while most talks are so yawn-inspiring that many listeners happily nod off well before the end. So are presentations that hard to do? Not really. Excellence in public speaking is not some mysterious gift reserved for the talented few, but a question of choosing the right approach. And that's where so many get it wrong.

This book teaches you step by step how to plan and deliver a presentation that puts the message across. It shows you how to become that master speaker who keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. Experienced speakers will find this book a valuable addition as well. The checklists in the back, for instance, are extremely handy for preparing a presentation quickly and effectively. And there are tips for both beginners and advanced speakers to help good presenters become even better.

Table of contents

Number of pages: 192
ISBN: 978-90-78590-02-6
Price: €28,95

  • Chapter 1: Fear of speaking in public
  • Chapter 2: Form or content
  • Chapter 3: Speaking conditions and environment
  • Chapter 4: Structuring a presentation text
  • Chapter 5: Writing the presentation text
  • Chapter 6: Planning audiovisual aids
  • Chapter 7: Using audiovisual aids
  • Chapter 8: Mastering the text
  • Chapter 9: Delivering the presentation
  • Chapter 10: Speeches for special occasions
  • Chapter 11: Rhetoric: figures of speech