Ardens Management Training Programme

Learn to be an effective
manager by practice

Learn to be an effective manager by practice

Ardens Management Training Programme

"The best leaders inspire by example. When that is not an option,
brute intimidation works pretty well too." (

Bet you know them. Colleagues who excel in their field, and are promoted managers because of it. Intelligence and expertise, however, don't necessarily guarantee good leadership. In such situations, people often attempt to compensate their insecurity and lack of authority by an arrogant, intimidating approach. This is nothing more than an expression of frustration and powerlessness. And it leads to decisions that usually receive little support from peers and sub-ordinates.

Managers who resort to this kind of conduct are usually unhappy with their behaviour, but simply have no idea how to improve their management skills. A good training course can considerably increase managers efficiency, enabling them and their co-workers to work more effectively, and with increased job satisfaction all round.

The Ardens Management Training Programme provides managers at all levels with a solid, practice-oriented basis to enable them to carry out their business more efficiently. All training courses consist of a combination of a group training session and personal coaching.

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